As more devices such as tablets and wearable technologies connect to cellular networks, more capacity is necessary to handle increasing bandwidth demands. To help you with the planning and design of your DAS, public safety DAS, Wi-Fi or small cell solution, we have the personnel and vendor relationships to assist you from network audit to specification, supply and installation of hardware. To manage wireless transmission, we have expertise in outdoor macro, broadband, laser optics and microwave solutions. Our complete line-up of cutting-edge, carrier-approved products from best-in-class manufacturers can let you focus on installing the right solution for your needs.

Fully Customizable

Tailor your package to meet your needs.
Add up to 20 remote controllers, 8 SOS buttons, 99 Door/Window or Motion Sensors,8 smoke/gas detectors, 8 medical call buttons,8 water leakage sensors, 4 intercoms and 4 cameras just by scanning QR code.

Completely wireless

Easy DIY installation with no need to run wires.