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Why Small Cells?

Small cell solutions have become more popular recently as a way of expanding coverage and increasing network capacity. Small Cell Solutions have a smaller footprint than traditional towers or rooftop installations. In fact, nodes are often inconspicuously installed on existing right-of-way infrastructure like street signs, telephone poles, or streetlights. They can also be used to increase voice and data capacity indoors or at places where large groups of people congregate, like stadiums, parks, or universities. In addition to its smaller size and lower power, each Small Cell node also covers a smaller area than a traditional cell site. What this means is that by using multiple nodes, Small Cells can deliver more capacity to the same geographic area than one traditional tower would normally cover. That means a better overall experience for wireless users in the area. For data transfers, more nodes, closer to the ground, also increase the likelihood that you’ll get a direct line of sight from your phone to the node. Once that’s established, your data is then transported from the node to your wireless carrier’s network through our lightning-fast fiber optic cable.